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Why You Should Be Concerned If You Bought A Memory Foam Product From An Asian Manufacturer

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

One question that we often hear from first-time memory foam buyers deals with concerns regarding the presence of harmful chemicals in memory foam. Because memory foam has a distinct scent, many people are worried that the off gases given off by the material and the chemicals used in its creation can be dangerous. And while it’s true that some manufacturers – especially low quality, Asian-made memory foam – does contain some harmful chemicals, most American-made memory foams are 100% safe.

Are the Rocky Mountain Mattress – memory foam mattresses safe?

Absolutely! Rocky Mountain Mattress uses only high quality Bayer memory foam and Foamex memory foam, and they are among the most high-quality memory foam manufacturers that are based in the United States. American manufacturers must adhere to certain regulations that ensure the products are safe. When you receive your mattress, you may notice a particular scent wafting from the memory foam. This is completely normal, and completely safe. It is recommended that you allow the memory foam to air out for up to 24 hours to reduce the scent, which occurs when the packaging traps the smell of the harmless chemicals used in the manufacturing process in the foam.

At the end of the day, though, the bottom line is that most domestic memory foams – including the Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam line of Bayer and Foamex – are completely safe!

What makes other memory foams – like those made by Asian manufacturers – unsafe?

Because some countries have less restrictive regulations regarding the manufacturing process, there are some memory foam mattresses that may contain harmful chemicals. It is not uncommon for these manufacturers to use fixers such as formaldehyde in the manufacturing process, which can be an irritant to those with sensitive skin and some allergies. The smell of these mattresses can often be enough to be bothersome for some consumers.

In addition to causing problems for some individuals, the manufacturing process used by some companies overseas can also release CFCs and other dangerous gases into the environment. Regulations in the United States prevent manufacturers from allowing such practices.

Again, though, this is usually only found in mattresses that are not made in the United States. We recommend always buying from trusted, American-made manufacturers like Bayer and Foamex to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in your mattress.

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