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All work and no sleep is a recipe for poor health

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Here are some fun quotes for your enjoyment today! I hope everyone had a good nights sleep!

All work and no sleep is a recipe for poor health!

Success is often equated to working outrageous hours in stressful conditions. But besides a new car and the good life, you may also be acquiring any number of sleep disorders. A recent survey revealed that, due to stress at home and work, about 60% of adults suffered from insomnia, abrupt awakenings, night sweats and rapid heartbeats.

Another study showed that three out of every four office workers had difficulty falling asleep with some even requiring sleeping pills.

Some sleep nuggets:

The life you save may be mine! Driver fatigue represents the cause of 30-40% of vehicle accidents.
FALLING ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING – FUNNYClick here for more home videos

Clock watching! Don’t do it. This creates anxiety. Turn the clock away from you eyes.

Use a mind sweeper! Before you go to bed, write down the next days to-dos so your mind is free from worry or clutter.

Plan B: Take a nap! Healthy adults, who napped 3 times a week for 30 minutes had a 37% lower risk of dying from heart disease. And napping had the greatest effect on men.

Sweet dreams!

These are some great quotes provided to us here at Rocky Mountain Mattress by – Don Owens – Mattress Specialist of 27 years

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