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The 4 Main Reasons You Need To Buy A Rocky Mountain Memory Foam Mattress

Monday, February 11th, 2008

There are dozens of reasons as to why the Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam mattress is the better choice in comparison to the traditional spring and coil mattresses. This new sleep technology has taken the world by storm and it has brought better quality night sleeps and less sore backs in the morning.

Reason #1 Support & Pressure Relief

Even the average Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam mattress is made of forming and dense materials that literally form to your body and each and every joint and crevice during the night. This type of support cannot be found with any other “traditional” mattress on the market today.

Reason #2 Value

The dense Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam is is the absolute best memory foam mattress on the market today. If you are a person who has back or neck problems, this is the mattress for you. Although memory foam mattresses are usually more expensive than traditional spring mattresses, this is not the case when purchasing your mattress through Rocky Mountain Mattress. From what we have seen, even the higher end models we sell are not stopping Americans from buying the only mattress which can provide them with a quality night sleep.

Reason #3 Air Circulation

A great feature about memory foam mattresses is that air is able to pass through the mattress which allows the mattress to retain your body heat to keep your warm as well as pass cold air through the mattress to keep you cool at night. These mattresses are also allergy resistant which allows everyone to take advantage of this great technology.

Reason #4 Long Warranties

You will find that almost each and every memory foam mattress offers anywhere from a 5 – 20 year warranty, depending on the model. This is a great warranty which allows you to enjoy your mattress and not worry about damage or wear and tear for the next 5 – 20 years. Although memory foam mattresses are a bit pricier than the average coil and spring mattresses, many Americans are finding this extra investment to be well worth their while. The Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam mattresses last longer and provide a higher quality night sleep which saves you money in the long run.

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