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Top 5 Benefits Of Owning A Memory Foam Mattress

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Memory foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular today, and more mattress manufacturers are coming up with their own versions of this high-demand style. Memory foam is a material made popular by NASA which provides you with the ultimate support levels combined with a comfort that cannot be experienced with any other mattress. By lying on a memory foam mattress for the first time you can see your imprint in the mattress, this is the type of experience you can expect every single night.

There are many different benefits that go along with the memory foam mattress, below are the top five of the most satisfied consumers.

1. A better quality of sleep – You’ll toss and turn less as the dense viscoelastic foam conforms to your shape.
2. Less morning soreness – Memory foam mattresses relieve pressure on key points like the neck, hips, and back.
3. Zero pressure points – As far as your body knows, your sleep is like being weightless.
4. Longest lasting mattress – Studies have shown that the memory foam mattress lasts longer than the average coil spring mattress. Although you still have to take the time to clean and maintain the memory foam mattresses on a twice a year schedule, it is far more durable on its own.
5. Natural night sleep – Sleep as it was intended to be.

Although these seem like simple benefits, they are some of the best benefits a memory foam mattress can provide for anyone. No matter what your sleep preferences are you can be sure the memory foam style has it all.

Choose to enjoy the benefits of the Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam bed and feel what it is like to have your mattress form to your body each and every night for the next 20 years or more!

4 Tricks to Remove Urine from a Mattress

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Unfortunately, a urine stained mattress is not an uncommon sight. Young children and pets often have accidents in the most inconvenient places imaginable, and those accidents can leave behind unsightly stains and unpleasant smells.

Urine on a Mattress

Most parents and pet owners have at one time or another been faced with the unpleasant task of trying to remove urine from a mattress. It’s important to keep in mind that actually cleaning the urine stain is important. Since bacteria is found in urine, leaving a stain untreated for an extended period can result in the growth of fungus and mold in the mattress. In some cases, this can completely ruin a mattress.

Tips & Tricks to Remove Urine from a Mattress

While some products sold commercially are designed for removing urine smells from most furniture, there are several household tips and products that can work just as effectively as those expensive sprays and products.

1. Vinegar:

Many parents and pet owners report that vinegar works wonders in removing the smell of urine from a mattress. Pour a moderate amount of vinegar on the soiled area, and absorb excess liquid with a large towel or wet vacuum. Keep in mind that this method is designed to remove the smell and kill bacteria, so spot treating the actual stain will be necessary to lift or fade the urine stain.

2. Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol and other grain alcohols often have the same effect as vinegar. Like vinegar, though, alcohol may not remove the stain, so other methods for stain fighting should be used.

3. Shampoo:

Liquid Laundry Detergent: For new urine stains, many mattress owners have found that simply using detergent or shampoo and a small amount of water will remove the stain. This is often less effective for stains that have set for some period of time, and may not be completely effective in removing the smells.

4. Steam Cleaning:

Whenever possible, consider using a hot steam cleaner on mattresses with urine stains. Used with a cleansing agent, steam cleaning is usually quite effective at removing the physical stain, eliminating the smell of urine, and killing bacteria that may otherwise grow and spread.

How To Choose A Mattress Protector For An Adjustable Bed

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Choosing a mattress protector for an adjustable bed is a bit more difficult than finding one for a regular mattress. If this is a new mattress it becomes a wise decision to buy the mattress protector with the mattress directly from the manufacturer so you know it fits and is made especially for your adjustable mattress. There are of course many companies who are now accommodating for the adjustable beds as they become more and more popular. The mattress protector itself is a very important mattress accessory, as it is not there for looks or comfort only but it is there to literally protect your mattress from any moisture, dampness or accidents of any kind.

Choosing a Mattress Protector

Shopping online at Rocky Mountain Mattress has become not only the most convenient but the most successful way to find exactly what you are looking for, especially when it is not easy to find. You will discover that our specialty bedding suppliers have a wide selection of adjustable bed protectors and covers of all sizes for you to choose from and they will be sent directly to your front door. This combination of convenience and the ability to search from home is one many people are taking advantage of today.

There are many different manufacturers today who are creating adjustable beds as they become more in demand with each passing year. You can choose from:

Rocky Mountain Mattress Adjustable Bed
Sleep Number Bed
Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed

These are the top selling and most popular adjustable beds on the market today which means finding a mattress protector to fit them is getting easier and easier. When you are searching for the perfect mattress protector you need to ensure that it is durable and the elastic material is enough to handle the constant movement of the mattress when it is being adjusted. The biggest problem with an adjustable mattress is when you adjust the mattress the protector can slip out of place if it is too small or not durable enough. You can find mattress protectors in many different fabrics including cotton, plastic, latex, memory foam and the list goes on and on.

Finding a high quality mattress cover is easier said than done sometimes, depending on your material preference and how much added comfort you are looking to add to your already existing mattress.

5 Factors In Considering Your Mattress Size

Monday, January 28th, 2008

When it comes to determining what the best mattress size is for you, there are several different factors that need to be considered. Most people already know that you spend over a third of your life in bed and this makes choosing a mattress that much more difficult. The right mattress can do a great deal for your health, back pain and energy levels.

Standard Mattress Sizes

The twin mattress measured at a length of 75 inches and the King and Queen Mattresses measure a length of 80 inches. You will find that the longest mattress available in the USA is the California King Mattress measured at a length of 84 inches. If you are sleeping with a partner you may find that a twin or full mattress may get to cramped, leaving you with the Queen or King Size to choose from.

Factors to Consider

There are several personal factors that need to be considered before you buy any mattress, including:

Your height
Your weight
If you sleep with a partner
How much room you generally need to sleep during the night
How many hours a night you sleep

Each and every one of these factors makes a difference when choosing the perfect mattress. If you are choosing between the Queen and King Size mattress you need to most importantly consider the size of your bedroom before choosing the King. Many people do not have a bedroom large enough to hold a King Mattress or for that matter a California King Size mattress. With the Queen bed measuring a width of 60 inches and the King measuring at 76 inches, the difference is hard to tell with the naked eye. With a few less inches you can fit a large mattress in your room without feeling cramped.

Make sure to include all these factors in your decision making before you make any mattress purchases.

Mattress Reviews and Making The Most of Consumer Mattress Reviews

Friday, January 25th, 2008

When that time comes to buy a new mattress it can be an overwhelming experience with all the different brands, sizes and styles to choose from. By taking the time to do your research online you will find there are a great deal of consumer review sites that are incredibly helpful to people looking for that perfect mattress. These review sites state the type of mattress being discussed, when it was bought and exactly what the customer thinks of their mattress. Of course not everyone has the same sleeping preferences but you can get a really good idea of what the mattress is like before you even see it in person.

Some Perspective on Mattress Reviews

It can be a tough decision when you are in the furniture store lying on the mattress you think you want. It is hard to know if you will enjoy an entire nights sleep on this mattress just by laying on it for 3 minutes. By using these consumer review sites you can see what they think of the mattress when they get it home. Many people will love their mattress and others will hate it. It is important to take these reviews into perspective and remember everyone has different sleeping preferences; what one person hates another loves.

Making the Most of Consumer Reviews

The great thing about these review sites is that they have been created by consumers just like you which means you can trust their reviews and be sure they are not being manipulated. It is everyone’s worst fear to buy a mattress you think you love and take it home only to find out it gives you back pains halfway through the night. No matter how much research you do, this is something you cannot find out until the mattress is purchased.

A mattress is one of the most important buys a person can make and why not take every advantage you can by reading hundreds of customer reviews on dozens of different mattress manufacturers.

At Rocky Mountain Mattress we offer a memory foam mattress review or “testimonials” section on our site to let you see what our “real” customers are saying. Many people wonder about the truth of testimonials on the site they are thinking about buying from (such as this one), and I can’t convince you of the truth of our testimonials by just telling you they are all true, but they really are all true testimonials sent into us from our happy customers.

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5 Things You Should Be Doing To Your Mattress – Mattress Cleaning Tips

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Caring for your mattress is just as important as caring for your car or anything else that you use on a daily basis. When a person spends most of their life in their bed, it is important to do everything you can to keep your mattress is good condition so you can keep it as long as possible. Although these cleaning tips are readily available to you on and offline, the fact is many people do not take the time to care for their mattress properly. This lack of care causes people to purchase a new mattress more frequently than necessary.

Regular Mattress Cleaning Care

Below are some necessary steps to take every 6 months at least.

    Flip the mattress every 6 months
    Use a mattress cover at all times
    Remove dust from the mattress surface via vacuum
    Use upholstery shampoo if the mattress becomes soiled or dry
    Do not allow the mattress to get damp

Cleaning Your Mattress

These are a few simple things you can do twice a year to ensure your mattress has a long and vibrant life. By taking the time to vacuum, wash and care for your mattress you are literally prolonging its life by several years. Once a mattress is damp or soiled and not cleaned properly it will need immediate replacing and this is something no one wants to do on a regular basis.

When you have children or someone who has a health condition that may cause them to wet the bed on occasion it becomes that much more important to follow these cleaning tips in order to keep your mattress in great shape. Don’t think that every 10 years or less you need to buy a new mattress when it can last you 15 years or more. Enjoy the mattress you love for as long as possible by taking an hour out of your day only twice a year to maintain and care for it properly.

Choosing the Right Mattress Pad

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Many people think that once they have chosen their mattress, their job is over. This is not the case. The next important decision that needs to be made is which the best mattress pad is not only for you but for the mattress you have chosen. A mattress pad is a very functional piece of bedding that every mattress owner needs to purchase before they even sleep on the mattress for the first time.

Why Use a Mattress Pad

By requiring a mattress pad, this does not mean you have to frequently wet the bed and it is not only for moisture in the mattress. A mattress pad protects your mattress from absolutely anything and at the same time provides an extra level of comfort as a bonus. You can find mattress pads in many different styles, just as mattress styles. They come in memory foam, latex, satin, plastic and cotton materials. They have excessive elastic around the edges of a mattress pad, similar to a fitted sheet to ensure it does not slip out of place during the night.

Choosing the Right Mattress Pad

Just as when researching for your new mattress it is important to take the time to search online and find out what the best mattress pad is for you. As everyone has different preferences when it comes to their bed, you will find each mattress pad has its own unique features that appeal to each different preference. For those people out there with severe allergies you can even by an allergy friendly mattress pad to relieve you of your allergy symptoms during the year.

Although it may seem like an easy task, choosing the right mattress pad can take some time and many people purchase it the same time as their mattress so they don’t have to make a separate trip and they know it fits perfectly.

What You Need To Know About Mattress Dimensions Before You Buy

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

What many people do not know is that choosing the right mattress dimensions can really make a difference when it comes to your back pain. A mattress with the proper dimensions will not only prevent you from back pain but it will also help you fall asleep faster as it will be more comfortable and supported. If you are a person who already suffers from back pain, you will find that the mattress dimensions you have to choose from are a bit slimmer than others.

Choosing the Right Mattress Thickness

Back pain suffers will find that the thicker the mattress, the more support and therefore the most back comfort. You can find mattresses as thick as 11 inches when you visit specialty mattress retailers. Many people are choosing to discuss their mattress dimensions with their doctor to narrow down the dimensions which will be good for them and which ones are bad. By doing this, it makes the mattress shopping experience a bit less overwhelming.

Mattress Dimensions

Without trying out the mattress it will be impossible to tell which dimensions are good for your back. You will find that the King and Queen dimensions are quite close compared to the twin and full mattresses. The King and Queen have a length of 80 inches and if you are a tall person needing a longer length you can find the California King Size mattress with a length of 84 inches. These are the longest lengths you can find and the widest bed is of course the King with a width of 76 inches.

Choosing the Right Dimensions

When deciding which dimensions are right for you, you need to consider your normal sleeping habits and that of your partner. Consider everything of your good night sleep and apply it to the most appropriate dimensions and you have found the perfect mattress for you.

Many people do not take the time to consider the mattress dimensions, but this is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best mattress for you.

4 Real Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Memory foam is a term that is heard on a frequent basis today but there are still many people out there who are not completely familiar with this term and the benefits that apply to a memory foam mattress. This is a new sleep technology that needs to be understood fully before you buy a mattress of any kind, as it could help make your decision for you. A memory foam mattress could be the most comfortable mattress you have ever slept on.

There are many benefits to memory foam mattresses that each and every consumer needs to be aware of.

Better quality of sleep
Less soreness in the morning
No pressure points
Longer lasting mattress

These are all great benefits that everyone wants to have associated with the mattress of their choice. Everyone wants to experience a better quality of sleep and less sore muscles and joints in the morning. A memory foam mattress literally forms to the shape of your body each and every time you move during the night which makes for a more comfortable and supported sleep all night long.

A memory foam mattress can be a longer lasting mattress because there are absolutely no springs in the mattress which means as years pass, there will be no springs to poke you in the back during the night. Although you may find that the price of a memory foam mattress is quite a bit higher than the traditional spring filled mattress, they last much longer and provide the level of comfort you are looking for, which makes it a well worth it investment.

This new sleep technology is constantly being updated and tweaked which means you are getting the absolute best mattress on the market today and perhaps even the best sleep.

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