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March 20th, 2007

If you have a need for a unique size mattress you may want to consider a component memory foam mattress. can custom cut memory foam layers to any height, width, or length. Therefore, if you have a unique sized bed frame (like one made in Europe) or you need a comfortable mattress for a diesel truck cabin, or a house boat cubby, or bunks in a cabin- a custom cut memory foam mattress may just be the ticket. We get calls from people with special mattress size needs every week, who are pleasantly surpised to hear that we can help them. We can also help people who would like a custom arrangement of foam density layers. For example: I recently helped my Dad create an “Olympic Queen” sized memory foam mattress with custom foam layers. You see my Dad had two problems: 1) his bed size is not standard, and 2) he has a tendency to get very warm when he sleeps, which causes him to wake throughout the night. Therefore,he needed a mattress that could keep cool. I was able to help him in both regards. First we custom cut four different foam layers to the Olympic Queen size, and second I sent him four individual foam layers:

3″ 30 ILD core foam piece (base layer)

3″ 35 ILD core foam piece (base layer)

2″ 5 lb Sensus memory foam (topper)

2″ 4 lb Aerus memory foam (topper)

10″ profile zippable terry-cloth/velour cover

We chose this particular arrangement to feature the Aerus (with special cooling features) as the top layer of foam (the layer closest in proximity to my Dad).

My Dad has been extremely pleased with his memory foam mattress. In fact, the first night he said “I slept through the entire night without waking once, because I never got warm.” He has had the mattress for four weeks now and says “I have not had a sore back even once” during that time.

The purpose of this post is to let our readers know that we can help them create any custom memory foam mattress, whether it be a unique size, foam density preference, or both.

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