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Broyhill Headboard and Frame

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I recently purchased a new headboard/footboard for my bed from Broyhill. What I came to find out through many hours of frustration is that with this specific item in California King the headboard and footboard does not fit their frame for the cal-king. After speaking to multiple customer service reps and regional sales reps, I found out that they didn’t even know this is a problem with their product. I was able to make it work by buying a generic bolt on frame and just bolting that directly to the headboard and returning the footboard. The reason I’m sharing this experience is because this single experience with their customer support has lead me away from Broyhill for life. I highly doubt I will ever buy anything from them again.

Here is my list of things customer service reps can do to better serve their customers:

1. Answer your phone when it rings or at least return voice mails.
2. Don’t make any promises unless you will keep them.
3. Listen to the customer and answer their questions.
4. Deal with complaints instead of passing the buck.
5. Be helpful even if their is no immediate profit in it for you.
6. Take the extra step.
7. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

If the Broyhill reps would have followed these 7 simple steps I’m sure I would have had a much improved experience in dealing with them.

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