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Broyhill Headboard and Frame

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I recently purchased a new headboard/footboard for my bed from Broyhill. What I came to find out through many hours of frustration is that with this specific item in California King the headboard and footboard does not fit their frame for the cal-king. After speaking to multiple customer service reps and regional sales reps, I found out that they didn’t even know this is a problem with their product. I was able to make it work by buying a generic bolt on frame and just bolting that directly to the headboard and returning the footboard. The reason I’m sharing this experience is because this single experience with their customer support has lead me away from Broyhill for life. I highly doubt I will ever buy anything from them again.

Here is my list of things customer service reps can do to better serve their customers:

1. Answer your phone when it rings or at least return voice mails.
2. Don’t make any promises unless you will keep them.
3. Listen to the customer and answer their questions.
4. Deal with complaints instead of passing the buck.
5. Be helpful even if their is no immediate profit in it for you.
6. Take the extra step.
7. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

If the Broyhill reps would have followed these 7 simple steps I’m sure I would have had a much improved experience in dealing with them.

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Cheap Mattress

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

When I hear the term “cheap mattress” I often think about the 99$ mattresses you can get at alot of bargin furniture stores around your town. You know what I am talking about – every town has them. I find that alot of people looking for mattresses online are typing in “cheap mattress” and my thoughts are its not for the same thing.

I think they are using the keyphrase to try and find someone that is selling a cheap mattress, but to me its funny because if you are looking for a cheap mattress you will get a cheap mattress.

On Rocky Mountain Mattress we do not sell “cheap mattresses” although we do have some mattresses at very affordable prices! We sell high end quality memory foam, adjustable air beds, latex beds and many other kinds. You will pay more for one of our mattresses, but you will sleep better and the mattress will last longer and you will not regret your choice.

I just was having this thought today about cheap mattresses and it made me laugh about the irony of the word and the double meaning from a searchers point of view and mine as a business owner.

Anyone else out there had a problem ever with a “cheap mattress” that you bought somewhere and regret?

How can I test a mattress online?

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I get alot of questions on a daily basis related to mattresses of course, but the one I probably get the most is, “How can I test a mattress online”? It may sound funny (and it did to me at first) but sometimes people are serious and want to know how they can test our mattresses out online! I do understand though, I have looked online for items such as hardwood flooring, but there is really no way to see exactly how it looks until you are holding it.

What I would suggest to everyone that wants to try one of the mattresses we have in our catalog is to go to an “offline” furniture store and take note of two things.

  1. What kind of mattress they want (try them all) memory foam,latex beds,adjustable bed,air bed etc..
  2. What price the mattress is at the store.

Once you find the mattress you like in the store, go to our website and find the same mattress. You will be suprised to know that our prices most of the time are so much less then retail stores. If you feel good about it then place an order. I have found that most of the people that order a mattress from us have already done this, and know what they want!

As always please feel free to ask us any questions as we know purchasing a mattress online can be a big deal! We are here to help 24-7!

To receive additional information on custom mattresses please complete our custom mattress form or email us at
or call 1-866-733-3132.

All month long Christmas special – 2 FREE Pillows with any mattress purchase over $500.00

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Just wanted to share with everyone, and get the word out about our Christmas special going on until the end of the month. Check out the banner:

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We really hope everybody has a great holiday season, and please let us know if we can help you with anything, or answer any questions about a mattress! Happy Holidays!

PS: Remember as always SHIPPING IS FREE!

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