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Do I Really Need a New Pillow?

October 25th, 2006

How many of you reading this just spent the night sleeping on a pillow you purchased over a year ago? two years ago? five years ago? I would place my money on more than 50% of you currently have a pillow that is more than two years old. I would simply like to say disgusting! If you haven’t replaced your old pillow within the last year you should really consider it. Not only are you probably sleeping on a pillow showing a few years worth of drool, sweat, spills, and other stains we all know what I’m talking about. You know, when you take the pillow case off to find a brownish yellowish looking pillow instead of the nice white satin look it used to have. Along with sleeping on that surface, you are breathing in all kinds of things you shouldn’t throughout the long night. For more on what you may or may not be breathing in view my recent post on Hypoallergenic Mattresses and Mattress Covers.

A quality pillow should be replaced about once every year or about every third toothbrush or so. I say quality because a quality pillow is a pillow that you probably didnt pick up at the dollar store. We feature many quality pillows on our site that range in price from about $50.00 to $100.00. You can get memory foam pillows or latex pillows from us and there are many other styles you can purchase elsewhere.

latex pillow

Recently, a lot of attention has been focused on pillow replacement. There was a story featured in the Today Show talking about how dirty your pillows actually are. They had four volunteer bring their pillows with them to the show and had scientists test their pillows for cleanliness and found skin cells, bodily secretions, animal hair and dander, bacteria and fungi, dust mites and dust mite fragments, waste, and more on their pillows. To watch the footage click here.

Simply stated, if your pillow is more than a year old consider replacing it with a new pillow before you spend another night on it.

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