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Adjustable Air Mattress…the answer for couples

October 10th, 2006

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends and during this get together one of the topics we discussed it how there are so many options out there for sleep systems. You have so many options that buying a mattress has almost become as difficult as buying a car. Of course, since I’m employed by Rocky Mountain Mattress, I had a lot of questions that came flying my way and I did my best to answer them. Many questions related to what types of mattresses exist and how to find a mattress that is the right firmness for each person that will be sleeping in the bed.

If you’re anything like me, I like a bed that is completely different than what my wife prefers. She prefers a softer bed than I and I sink further into softer beds than her because I’m heavier than her which leads to a soar back the next day. A few family members are in the process now of looking for a new bed and one has a wedding that is not too far off and is considering upgrading to a larger bed for added comfort when sleeping with a spouse. There are many things to consider when purchasing a mattress for a couple so here is my list of things to consider:

First of all consider size. Most couples make the mistake of buying a mattress that ends up being too small. You can spend years regretting buying a full or queen when you should have gone for the king. Don’t make this mistake!

adjustable air mattresses are the answer for couples

Second thing on the list is firmness. For many couples the firmness level of their mattress is a sticky point in their marriage. One person sleeps well every night while the other ends up on the couch, floor, or elsewhere just to try and get a good nights sleep.

The third aspect is bedroom size. This aspect correlates directly with my first point. I always recommend the largest bed you can handle, but if your room won’t allow it then you will have to consider other options.

The last thing on my list is price. While you will pay more for a larger mattress keep in mind that over 10 or 20 years that extra cost becomes very little each year and you get so much more room for that little extra. Trust me it will make the difference.

For these reasons, I often recommend an adjustable air mattress like the MemSleep 7400. An adjustable air mattress allows both people sleeping in the bed to adjust their side to the comfort level they prefer allowing them to have a more restful nights sleep. Most air mattresses are made at a very high quality standard and have warranties that extend to at least 10 years. This is the recommendation I just made to my many family members and I sleep in one myself. My wife and I just love it.

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