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Hypoallergenic Mattresses and Mattress Covers

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

As I have spent time on the internet browsing topics that relate to bedding there is one that seems to be of high popularity right now; hypoallergenic mattress covers and mattresses. I thought I should take some time to throw my hat in the ring on this topic as to give sense to why this topic might have grown so much in interest lately and also touch on what product I really think is a great option in the area.

We have all heard the claims that the air in our homes is twice as dirty as the air outside. Many people find that hard to believe myself included. However, with all the buzz that has been created on this topic by successful marketers there has been an increase in products surrounding the clean air industry. Whether you believe the studies or not, that fact is that there are many things in the air that can affect us negatively including: allergens and house dust mites.

Most people are unfamiliar with what a house dust mite is, so let me explain. Dust mites come from the same arachnid family as the spider. They are so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye and are generally oval in shape and cream in color. They have eight legs with sticky pads on the end of their legs allowing them to burrow into fabric fibers and carpets. The bedroom is a perfect haven for house dust mites and they love making homes in your pillows, mattresses, blankets, bed springs, and comforters. In fact, the average bed had two million of these creatures living in it. They affect us by consuming our dead skin cells and then dropping waste pellets containing allergens and debris. The pellets are small enough to be breathed through our mouth and nose while sleeping. Breathing these pellets causes many to experience increased allergies and the cycle repeats itself every night while sleeping in our mite ridden beds.

To cure this problem many bedding manufacturers have created hypoallergenic bedding and mattress covers for standard mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and air bed mattresses. The product we feature on our website with many of our beds is Amicor Pure.

amicor pure hypoallergenic mattress cover and mattresses

Amicor Pure produces the amicor mattress covers featuring amicor fibers. The amicor fibers are made using late injection technology. This means that the effective ingredients are dispersed inside the fiber and not a fragile surface finish. The fiber itself creates a slow diffusion so that just enough of the active ingredient arrives at the surface. The fiber is self-replenishing and is durable, throughout washing and for the life of your mattress. Amicor Pure has been designed to keep beds and bedding fresh, soft and pure. You can now sleep peacefully knowing that with Amicor Pure you have the purest quality available a quality that can actually improve your health. Amicor Pure provides a sense of fresh air for the lifetime of your mattress and works continuously to prevent indoor allergens, providing a healthier sleep environment. The Amicor Pure healthy sleep system is a truly modern luxury. In fact, it could provide the healthiest nights sleep you will ever have.

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