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About Bayer Softcel Memory Foam

About Bayer® Softcel™ Memory Foam

Experience unsurpassed quality and comfort when you purchase a Rocky Mountain Mattress™ that features Bayer® Softcel™ Memory Foam. This revolutionary material was designed by Bayer® MaterialScience, a subsidiary of Bayer® the company perhaps best known for its brand name aspirin! Bayer® was founded in 1863, so owners of these highquality mattresses can rest assured knowing that the expertise and experience of well over a century of innovation are behind every product. Bayer® Memory Foam uses the same technology developed by NASA's top engineers, and is the perfect example of firstrate highdensity, durable memory foam.

How Does Bayer® Memory Foam Work?

Bayer® Softcel™ Memory Foam recognizes changes in temperature, and responds accordingly to accommodate areas of the body where pressure into the memory foam registers as hotter. Known as viscoelastic foam, the material is more elastic when it recognizes higher temperatures and conforms to those hightemperature pressure points accordingly. That's why lying on a mattress featuring Bayer® Memory Foam feels like it was designed specifically for you – in essence, it was!

Benefits of Bayer® Softcel™ Memory Foam

The benefits to sleeping on Bayer® Memory Foam mattresses are almost endless. A few of the more notable benefits include:

  • Pressure Relief: Because the heatsensitive technology of Bayer® Memory Foam conforms to your size, shape, and weight, there is no pressure on the contact points that generally "weigh down" on traditional spring mattresses and lowquality memory foams.
  • More Restful Sleep: Tossing and turning is typically caused by the body's need to remove pressure from common contact points like shoulders, hips, and heels. Because that pressure is virtually eliminated on mattresses that feature Bayer® Memory Foam, the tossing and turning will end!
  • No Motion Transfer: When your partner decides to get into bed after you or get up while you're still sleeping, you'll never know. That's because the highdensity Bayer® Memory Foam absorbs the motion, leaving your side of the bed still and quiet.


Bayer Supersoft

With pressurerelieving Bayer Supersoft foam quilted into the Cool Max® cover of a RMM memory foam sleep system, a more restful, healthy night of sleep is achievable. With an IFD rating of 10, the heat-sensitive Bayer Supersoft helps to relieve pressure off of key points such as the head, shoulders, and hips. Bayer Supersoft helps transforms a good mattress into a luxurious one with enhanced comfort and quilted design.

Bayer Convoluted

Bayer Convoluted foam puts the power of customizing the mattress's firmness level into your hands. With an IFD rating of 29, this innovative material offers superior sleep support and the convoluted design allows each sleeper to control and adjust comfort to his or her preference and needs. Flip the convoluted tips up for a more plush experience, or face them down toward the mattress for a firmer sleep surface. Bayer Convoluted memory foam is designed to allow for sufficient airflow, which promotes freshness and repels damaging moisture from the foam.

Bayer Ultracel

Bayer Ultracel™ U3000 polyurethane foam is a revolutionary material that offers superior support and longlasting resiliency. Ultracel features an IFD rating of 29, and promotes correct spinal alignment and proper support that is both comfortable and healthy. Bayer Ultracel is more resilient and durable than other conventional foams, and will maintain its shape under compressions better than other polyurethane foams. Where conventional foams achieve a support factor of 2.0, Bayer Ultracel rates at 2.5 – which means Bayer Ultracel foam offers up to 25% more support than conventional foams. Extensive lab testing has shown that Bayer Ultracel material suffers from less unsightly flattening and sagging than its competitors. This innovative material is less likely to be subject to body impressions, even with regular use over time. The remarkable durability and performance will provide years of customer satisfaction and longevity to mattresses that feature Bayer Ultracel foam.