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2011 Casita Freedom Standard 16' Mattress

About the 2011 Casita Freedom Standard 16'

There are a variety of features included with the 2011 Casita Freedom Standard 16’ that are useful for travel and camping trips. A few of the amenities that come with this Casita model are roof vents, storage wardrobes, a full kitchen, a marine toilet and a shower. This trailer is 16’ long, 6’8” wide, and has a hitch weight of 215 lbs. This RV also includes a double bed.

When you turn to Rocky Mountain Mattress, you can trust our team of mattress professionals to help any time you need replacement mattresses for your trailer. In fact we can handcraft a new 2011 Casita Freedom Standard 16’ mattress that surpasses the comfort of the original

Standard Casita Mattress Specifications

This Casita model can accommodate and sleep up to four people. The double bed, which also functions as a dinette, comes with a standard double sized mattress. We can upgrade your mattress whether it is damaged or just not as comfortable as you would like.

Freedom Replacement Mattresses from Rocky Mountain Mattress

If you have been searching for a new 2011 Casita Freedom Standard 16’ mattress for your trailer, we don’t want you to wait another second before contacting us. From the moment you place an order with our team, we will place your needs before all else. We always pay attention to the details when it comes to our mattresses, and we give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee any time you order an upgrade from us. You will be happy to know that we make each and every one of our mattresses right here in the USA. This allows us to have low overhead, meaning we can offer low prices to our valued customers. In addition we always offer fast, free shipping on every order.

Please note that Casita models vary and you may have different specifications. To discover the right mattress specs for your model, you can call us at 1-866-733-3132, or email us here.