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2008 Casita Spirit Standard 17" Mattress

About the 2008 Casita Spirit Standard 17'

The 2008 Casita Spirit Standard 17' is 6’8” wide with a hitch weight of 295 lbs. This compact trailer comes with a wide range of features including under seat storage, an oven range, roof vents and a refrigerator. This trailer also features a double and single bed. If you are in need of a brand new 2008 Casita Spirit Standard 17' mattress for either the single or double bed in your trailer, the team at Rocky Mountain Mattress can offer you a high-quality upgrade.

Standard Casita Mattress Specifications

The beds in the 2008 Casita Spirit Standard 17' also double as dinettes. With both a double and single bed, this trailer can accommodate up to three people. Whether you need a new mattress for the single bed, double bed, or even both, we can help. We handcraft upgrades that are designed to meet and exceed the quality of the original mattresses found in the trailer.

Casita Spirit Mattress Replacements from Rocky Mountain Mattresses

Don’t go another day without upgrading your 2008 Casita Spirit Standard 17' mattress. At Rocky Mountain Mattress, we specialize in crafting precision made upgrades for Casita trailers. When you order from us, you can expect excellent customer service, fast and free shipping, and low prices. Above all else, we are dedicated to providing reliable products to our customers. We offer an industry leading lifetime warranty and we give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee on custom size orders.

Please note that Casita models vary and you may have different specifications. To discover the right mattress specs for your model, you can call us at 1-866-733-3132, or email us here.