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1998 Casita Liberty Deluxe M-17

About the 1998 Casita Liberty Deluxe M-17

The 1998 Casita Liberty Deluxe M-17 is a 17” long, 6’8” wide trailer that comes complete with a wide range of features. In addition to the usual amenities, this trailer also includes a double bed than can be upgraded with a replacement mattress.

Standard Casita Mattress Specifications

When it comes to finding replacement mattresses for the 1998 Casita Liberty Deluxe M-17, you can fully rely on the professionals at Rocky Mountain Mattress. We have the experience and resources needed to handcraft high-quality upgrades for your mattress in no time.

Liberty Deluxe Replacement Mattresses from Rocky Mountain Mattress

Don’t spend another day searching for a reliable upgrade for your 1998 Casita Liberty Deluxe M-17 mattress. At Rocky Mountain Mattress, we have years of experience creating products that exceed expectations when it comes to comfort and durability. You can expect all of our mattresses to surpass the quality of the original product found in your trailer. We offer affordable prices, free shipping, and an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Please note that Casita models vary and you may have different specifications. To discover the right mattress specs for your model, you can call us at 1-866-733-3132, or email us here.