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1992 Airstream Excella 29' Mattress

About the 1992 Airstream Excella 29'

The 1992 Airstream Excella 29' is a 7’11” wide, 6,800 pound trailer that comes with a wide variety of features. There are several storage options and furniture included in the RV as well as a complete kitchen and bathroom. The trailer can accommodate several people. For comfort there is a manually controlled air conditioning unit and heater.

If you own a 1992 Airstream Excella 29’, mattress upgrades are a purchase you may be considering. At Rocky Mountain Mattress, we can craft high-quality replacement mattresses for your trailer.

Standard Airstream Mattress Specifications

This trailer includes a double bed with a standard air foam mattress. At the other end of the trailer there is a 76” front lounge that can sleep additional people. Whether you need a new mattress for the double bed or the front lounge, we can help.

Excella Replacement Mattresses from Rocky Mountain Mattress

If your 1992 Airstream Excella 29' mattress is damaged or missing, don’t go another day without ordering a reliable upgrade. At Rocky Mountain Mattress, we have the experience, dedication, and resources to create precision made upgrades that exceed the quality of the original. When you shop for replacement mattresses with us you can expect low prices, fast shipping, and excellent service. We place the needs of our customers before all else, which is why we are happy to offer a limited lifetime warranty on every order.

Please note that Airstream models vary and you may have different specifications. To discover the right mattress specs for your model, you can call us at 1-866-733-3132, or email us here.