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1978 Airstream Ambassador 28'

About the 1978 Airstream Ambassador 28'

The 1978 Airstream Ambassador 28' comes complete with ample storage space, high-quality furniture, and a full kitchen and bathroom. This model has a hitch weight of 550 lbs., a length of 28', and a width of 8'.

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Standard Airstream Mattress Specifications

The twin version of the 1978 Airstream Ambassador 28' comes with two twin beds, each with a standard airfoam mattress. This version, along with the double version, also includes a front lounge. The double version has the option of coming with a double bed and mattress or a second lounge.

Airstream Ambassador Mattress Replacements from Rocky Mountain Mattresses

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Please note that Airstream models vary and you may have different specifications. To discover the right mattress specs for your model, you can call us at 1-866-733-3132, or email us here.