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1958 Airstream Caravanner 22' Mattress

About the 1958 Airstream Caravanner 22'

The 1958 Airstream Caravanner 22' sleeps up to four people. This trailer has a body length of 19’, weighs 2,800 lbs., and comes with a wide range of features. Owners of the 1958 Airstream Caravanner enjoy an electric refrigerator and freezer, an oven range and butane heater, multiple sleeping options, a bathroom with a shower, and a variety of storage compartments.

When it comes to replacing your 1958 Airstream Caravanner 22' mattress, you can always rely on the team at Rocky Mountain Mattress. We can add the perfect touch to your Airstream Caravanner.

Standard Airstream Mattress Specifications

Because the 1958 Airstream Caravanner 22' trailer sleeps up to four people, there are multiple sleeping options available including a travel lounge bed. The main lounging feature of this trailer is the large airfoam double bed. This mattress measures 48” x 76”, allowing enough room for up to two people.

Airstream Caravanner Replacement Mattresses from Rocky Mountain Mattress

When it comes to finding high quality replacement mattresses, the team at Rocky Mountain Mattress is always here to help. Whether you no longer have your 1958 Airstream Caravanner 22' mattress or it isn’t holding up as well as it used to, we can handcraft an upgrade using precision tools. We always offer low prices, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty. In fact, we give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every custom order.

Please note that Airstream models vary and you may have different specifications. To discover the right mattress specs for your model, you can call us at 1-866-733-3132, or email us here.